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EMPAR GROUP is operating in Mining and Natural Stone Industry. We are specialized in the production of hard natural stone and stone cutting. Our main production is Basalt, Andesite and Diabase. This Natural Stones we get from our Mines and we are cutting them in our Factory which is 7.000 m2 closed and 40.000 m2 open Area. Empar is producing, cutting and operating Natural Stones as our customer needs and we are also delivering finished Products as our customers projects. 

Turkey is one of the most important Producer / Exporter and is actually within the biggest seven producers in the World Natural Stone market. Turkey holds the richest existing potential Natural Stone reserve of the World. Turkish Basalt stone have 6 mohs hardness and high compressive strength, high abrasion strength, chemical resistance and freeze resistance. Because of the physical and chemical properties, Basalt stone can applied all areas that need high resistance. Flooring, wall claddings, pavements, sidewalks, Bridge filling materials, urban decorative road applications are main used areas of Basalt Stones. Basalt products like Tables, Fountains etc. are mostly preferred by landscaping applications by architects.

You can find on our website different coloured and patterned main Turkish Basalt Stones. We can easily fulfill your different size basalt cobble Stone ( cubic Stone ) and decorative Basalt products like Tables and Fountains demands.

In the Mimarsinan Village of the Kayseri Center, Master Sinan We are continuing the work of stone mastery as a citizen. Mimarsinan Village's modern masters of competence, Empar In the field of mining with computer technology machines Kayseri Stone and Basalt stones led by Ahmet Ulvi Murat modern and traditional architecture.
+90 352 271 33 22
+90 352 271 33 22